Software Development

Development of embedded solutions is rarely a straight forward process. Increased competition and reduced time to market dictated overlapping of traditional technology research and software development phases, blurring the boundary between the two. Still, strict safety and environmental regulations, such as ISO 26262 and ISO/IEC 15504 – Automotive SPICE, are enforced to enhance the process and ensure product quality.

Flexible and cost effective solutions

Extensive array of our in-house built tools and software modules supports rapid development of model based embedded solutions, while adhering to standard process. Our development is focused on flexible software architecture which allows changes in software and hardware requirements to be accommodated on a daily basis.

Expertise we offer

Versatile domain expertise allows us to be your significant partner during control algorithm research. Our standard approach includes developing physical and functional models of the processes involved that are used for both control algorithm development and software verification, guaranteeing short development cycle and high quality of end product.

We can bridge gap between technology research and software development phases by combining domain expertise with rapid development and flexibility.